'To Remember' is a VR Memorial Experience, designed as a 5th year PGDip project for Advanced Architectural Design at the University of Strathclyde. The project is meant to be experienced through Oculus Rift DK2. 
'To Remember' is dedicated to Vasil Levski - one of Bulgaria's most beloved heroes, as well as to Bulgaria as a country for the 500 years of pain and suffering under Ottoman rule from 1396 to 1878. There is little in the project that literally addresses its inspiration - it is an abstract story told through it's environment.
This 'Storybook' is a set of images created using screenshots of the real time environment in Unity engine and post-processing them in Photoshop. They tell the narrative of the experience for those unable to try the Oculus VR version.
Sketches developed to illustrate the ideas of the journey through the experience, used as a central point for creating the 3D environments in the final stage of the project.
Some images taken from the Unity editor and post processed in PS to explain specific parts of the journey. All of these objects and spaces are experienced in the VR version, but always in first person. Personally, I always enjoy seeing how things work behind the scenes, so these few snapshots showcase most of the environments in the way I saw them when creating them.
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